Heating and Vibrating Shoulder Brace and Massager

  • Heating and Vibrating Shoulder Brace and Massager

Heating and Vibrating Shoulder Brace and Massager


Physiotherapy Heated Vibration Shoulder Massager Wireless Infrared Therapy Elbow Support Pain Relief Strap with Power Bank


Shoulder Pain Relief - Heat therapy can warm your shoulder and promote blood circulation and relieve pain caused by a frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, dislocated AC joint, sprain, bursitis, tendonitis, paralysis, strain, stiffness and soreness.

It could also help relax shoulder muscles and speed up healing time.

Fairly high temperature - widely temperature range of 60 ℃ to 65 ℃, 55 ℃ to 60 ℃ and 50 ℃ to 55 ℃, which can be changed easily by one button.

The shoulder strap can be added with a mesh bag for cold therapy (you need to buy extra).

Temperature regulation provides heat while allowing air to circulate.



  • Type: Shoulder wrap
  • Color: Black
  • Suitable for left and right shoulder
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for 27-52 inch chest size
  • Suitable for 27-40 inch shoulder
  • Suitable for arm size 8 '' to 14 '' inches

There will be 2-4 ℃ of error with different measuring machines and measuring positions.



1x Shoulder strap

1x External battery (if you choose “with external battery set”)

1x Adapter cable (no plug set not included)

1x USB cable

2x Extended Straps


1. Connect the strap to the loop on the splint.

2. Once the strap is in place, put the orthosis on your shoulder.

3. Pull the long strap under the other arm, put it through the buckle, then pull it through the other side of the buckle.

4. Attach the hook and loop and make sure you have a firm and secure fit.