Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller

  • Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller

Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller



  • 1. Use with Switch console
  • 2. Double Shock
  • 3. With turbo function, Capture function, Home function.
  • 4. With 0.7m charging cable
  • 5. Two high-quality analog sticks come without any dead zone
  • 6. Bluetooth version: 2.1 + EDR
  • 7. Built-in 3.7V / 400mAh Li-ion battery, support 8 hours working time.
  • 8. With sensor, no NFC, no awake-up function


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Turbo Feature:

  • 1). Press and hold an action button, then press the Turbo button, Turbo function will be valid. For example, Press and hold ONE, then press T, so ONE's action will continue.
  • 2). Based on the above 1st condition, press T to stop the Turbo function.

Pairing Methods:

  • 1. 1st time to connect: press and hold HOME button 5 seconds on "Change Grip / Order" page, and 4 indicators flashes quickly.
  • 2. 2nd time to connect: Press the HOME button on any page, and 4 indicators will flash slowly.



  • Name: Wireless gamepad
  • Material: ABS
  • Connected: Bluetooth-wireless
  • Size: 157x110x57mm
  • Support for Switch Pro game console

Introduction to the handle:

  • 1) This product is a new wireless game controller which is compatible with Switch.
  • 2) No need to charge any driver, the handle can be used after pairing with the host.
  • 3) It adopts Bluetooth-wireless communication to connect with the host, which has strong anti-interference ability, free control, and stable
  • connection signal.
  • 4) Ergonomic design and light handle structure make the player feel comfortable, even if you play continuously, you don't feel tired.
  • 5) This handle supports AXIS's gyroscope function and supports dual motor vibration function