Xiaomi Mijia Mite Remover for Beds and Sheets

  • Xiaomi Mijia Mite Remover for Beds and Sheets

Xiaomi Mijia Mite Remover for Beds and Sheets


Dust mite removal brush, for house bed, quilt, UV sterilization, disinfection, 2021 PA cyclone vacuum cleaner, novelty 12000, XIAOMI MIJIA - dust-mite removal brush, house bed, and quilt.



  • 10000 times/min high-frequency impact fiber
  • UV-C sterilization, disinfection, 99% sterilization, and 90% removal of dust mites
  • High suction of 12000PA, high-frequency strokes of 1000 times/minute
  • 50 ℃ hot air to remove moisture
  • Triple filtration
  • Filtration supports washing
  • 20cm wide suction mouth
  • MIJIA Vacuum Cleaner Mites - 12000PA high suctionHigh frequency beat, UV-C sterilization, 50 ℃ hot air to remove moisture
  • High-frequency fiber 10,000 times/min - UV-C sterilization, disinfection, 99% sterilization and 90% removal of dust mites, 12000PA high suction, 50 ℃ hot air to remove moisture, Triple filtration, 20cm wide suction mouth
  • Invisible mites, endangering your health and that of your family.
    According to research and research, a clean comforter has detected hundreds of millions of dust mites.
  • 5 Modes, efficient cleaning. - 99% sterilization, 90% removal of dust mites
    High-speed strike, UV-C ultraviolet sterilization,
    The high suction sucks up dust mites and mite droppings and dries quickly.
  • 2300rpm, the electric roller brush is soft. - Deeper cleaning.
  • High frequency strokes 1000 times/minute. - This helps separate dust mites and textiles.
  • 12000PA, strong suction power. - Deep cleaning of mites, dust, and hair.
  • UV-C sterilization and disinfection with ultraviolet rays. - Release ultraviolet rays, destroy the DNA of bacteria and mites.
  • 50 ℃ hot air to remove moisture.
  • Triple high-efficiency filtration, evacuation of fresh air. - 1. Pinhole steel filter, 2. HEPA filter, 3. Activated carbon filter sponge
  • Large 20cm suction mouth Works efficiently, completes cleaning quickly.
  • Sinking structure, ergonomic design. Simple and practical to use. 
  • Filtration allows washing and recycling.